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I offer help with the following...

alcohol, drugs, gambling, games, pills, food, work, exercise, etc

If you are feeling your drinking/drug use is getting out of control, people close to you may be making comments regarding your drinking/drug use, you are not getting to live the life you wanted.

Maybe you are doing whatever you are doing because of trauma that has happened in your life. If you want to be free of that Trauma then make an appointment to see me and I will work with that. You donít even need to go into detail about that for me to help you.

Or maybe the triggers are Pleasure, Habit, Relief, Discontentment etc. and maybe you want to cut back or stop doing what you are doing and we will work with a treatment plan specific for you and how to deal with life issues in a healthy way, alternatives to spending your time drinking/using etc.

It is also important to have your family or those close to you part of the process of change so they are welcome to come with you.


You may have a drink driving charge and you may wish to have a Report on how you are changing your life and how that is progressing. This report will include your history of drinking/using, family of origin history if relevant, triggers, motivation to change and how you are going to keep the change. I will also put forward any recommendations that I consider relevant.

Anger issues

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Anxiety issues

Are you sick of feeling stressed out and not doing things that others seem to do easily because you're worried about what might happen?
Do you wish you could feel more confident and be the kind of person who just 'goes for it'?

It's important when helping you with your anxiety issues, that you learn how to relax yourself, to build internal resources, resolve any underlying trauma, work through negative memories and beliefs about yourself as well as work towards reaching your goals.

Each person is different and you may experience anxiety specifically related to a single event or object (eg. flying, speaking in public, earthquakes, betrayal) other times, especially if left untreated the brain gets very good at 'doing anxiety' and the person finds themselves feeling anxious about a number of situations. This is when people may be given a diagnosis of 'generalised anxiety disorder'.

The counselling style we work with is based in NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) and is a solution-focused approach.


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Depression can also be related to circumstances such as coping with the loss of someone close, dissatisfaction at work, family or relationship issues or not having a clear life path for example. Ann helps clients deal with the underlying issues and emotions so they can get their life back on track again.

And can help you work through:
  • If you are already taking medication and want to regain control over your wellness.
  • If you do not wish to take medication, and want help to work through underlying issues.
  • If you are about to start coming off or reducing the dosage of your medication and you want support as you come off the medication as well as to help you to plan your way forward successfully.

NLP therapy - Neural Linguistic Programming


People are often pleasantly surprised to discover that in order to turn their lives around, it is not necessary to re-live old hurtful experiences. The reluctance to uncover old stories is sometimes a factor in people delaying getting the help they need to make significant and supportive shifts.

The fact is that with NLP, you can achieve change without the practitioner needing to know any details about, for example, a phobia or a traumatic experience.


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Self confidence

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Staff workplace support


Generally employer funded, the Staff Support programme offers counselling or coaching for staff in order to provide an avenue for addressing difficulties which affect, or have the potential to affect, work performance.


Tools from the fields of: NLP, Eriksonian Hypnotherapy are used. Ann shows the client some amazingly simple but powerful techniques fr changing the way they feel and behave and experience health and well-being. You will leave the sessions with tools you can use yourself to do things differently in the future.


Staff may be having personal problems either at work or at home which may affect their performance at work.

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Financial Problems
  • Conflict with a peer or manager
  • Stress
  • Physical or Mental Illness
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Coping with Change
  • Death or Grieving

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is a registered trademark of Dr Tad James and is exclusively licensed to the Time Line Therapy™ Association. It refers to a collection of NLP techniques which use new knowledge about how the brain stores time, to make rapid changes in emotion and behaviours. It enables you to quickly clear any past issues which have limited your happiness and success now, and then create a future which works. European medical conferences have presented research linking TLT to dramatic physical healing.

Please don't hesitate to contact Ann if you require any further information.